100% designed and developed by myself.


Real coding. Real fun.

OnRamp is zero-configuration, high-level coding environment designed for the express purpose of making programming fun and easy for everyone.   Easy to learn.  Easy to share.  Easy to do cool stuff.

Easy to learn means OnRamp's language is simple and regular, free of confusing variations and inconsistencies.  

And because its syntax is derived from modern professional languages like Javascript and Swift, getting serious is just a simple step up. 

Easy to do cool stuff means high-level support for graphics, animation, sound, data save/restore and web API access.

Easy to share means that you can quickly and easily share code between your devices along with family, friends, co-workers or the world.  Or keep it totally private, your call.

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Available in the App Store here.


Elegant to-do's for busy minds.

You want a to-do app that's more powerful than a list and more structured than Notes;  one that gets out of your way instead of sucking you in.  

Eledo is streamlined so you can de-stress, focus and get it done.

Swipe left to promote and right to demote tasks between "now", "later", and "maybe".

Built-in zones for Personal and Work keep you focused on what's appropriate.

A single level of sub-tasks prevents "nesting hell".

Import single or multi-step tasks via a share extension.

Auto-synched to all your devices via iCloud.

Available in the App Store here.

Biology Buddy

Premiere Study Tool for Biology

Biology Buddy is the go-to app for studying Biology, created in collaboration with a PhD biologist and teacher.

Over 1,200 terms across 9 sections and 38 chapters.

Hyperlinks for quick-lookup of referenced terms.

Flag terms you want to focus on, remove terms you don't need or already know.

Three different modes: Study, Flashcard and Slideshow.

Built-in glossary to quickly lookup any term.

Available in the App Store here.


Social networking for workout partners

Live filtering of search results based on distance, gender, and experience level.

Contact via embedded Facebook, Instagram, or SMS.

 Available on the App Store here.


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