Guy Ardito


30 years experience developing cutting edge solutions for both server and mobile.  100% iOS-focused since 2008.


Over 10 years experience creating and delivering curriculums between 8 and 72 hrs, both live and online, including for accredited schools.


25 years experience leading both in-person and remote teams, with training and certification in NLP, Human Needs Psychology, and FEBI.

I'm Guy, and for 30 years I've been professionally delivering cutting-edge software, creating and delivering courses and developing talent.  Which makes sense because I've always been a tireless creator, relentless organizer and compulsive teacher.

I've been attracted to and part of multiple startups, including Interworld Technology where as employee #17 I developed a key piece of their software which helped lead to their IPO.

My first coding experience was in 1980 using BASIC on our school PDP-11, and shortly thereafter helping my mom with FORTRAN on punchcards (!).  From there it was on to engineering schools, OOP, and (since 2015) 100% Swift.

For teaching, as early as five years old I used to switch on my trusty GAF projector and give lectures about dinosaurs and the solar system to anyone around.  I never stopped and in just the past few years have created online courses for sales, productivity and iPhone programming.

In 1992 I was introduced to the concepts of neuro-linguistic programming and human potential.  This coincided with my first team-leadership position and, since then, I've maintained a coaching practice as well as achieving "Master Coach" designation from Robbins-Madanes Training and the Center for Strategic Intervention, one of the world's premiere coach training organizations.

My DISC profile is extremely high 'I' and 'D'.  :)


Notable creations include:


30 years experience developing cutting-edge software in OOP languages.

I've developed projects small (4-6 weeks) and large (3-4 years), across multiple industries, for everything from startups thru Fortune-50 clients.

My coding style seeks to find a balance between idealist architectures and pragmatic results, and when it comes to large (and especially multiple developer) projects, I have a strong preference for strongly-typed complied languages.

When possible, paired programming is great for validation, knowledge sharing, team engagement and rapport building/reinforcement.

I believe that great code should be clear enough that a business user could be walked through it to validate the logic.

While 3rd-party libraries/pods/etc can be great I strongly believe that they should be used judiciously; far too often projects are bloated and other bugs are introduced because of including a library when it would have been fairly easy to create the desired code in a bespoke manner.

My specialty has been meta-systems and dynamic architectures to enable runtime variance and customization direct by the end user.


GitHub: https://github.com/guyardito

Languages: Swift, Java, Python, C++, C, Smalltalk, LISP, Pascal, Assembly (8086), Objective C

RESTful APIs: Python, Java. C++

iOS - 10 years (4 Swift, 6 Obj-C)

Leadership - Created and led teams of 4-12 direct reports

Remote - Experience leading and participating in teams spanning multiple timezones

REST-ful APIs, JSON, multi-threading, caching, CoreData, etc.

Agile methodologies, Git, Instruments, iTunes Connect


Coding Chronology

Human Touch Software 5/08 - present

  • Conceptualize, design, implement and market “OnRamp”, an interactive development environment for learning text-based coding.  Release to App Store early Q3-2019.
  • Design and develop multiple apps, including Biology Buddy (a powerful and highly-rated study tool for Biology students).  Biology Buddy includes features such as auto-generation of hyperlinks, highly customizable study stacks, auto-download of data updates, etc.
  • (NB this is of of my own companies)


Solutions In Swift 1/15 - present

  • Provide Swift-based consulting
  • (NB this is one of my own companies)


Sample Clients

Incrementor 2/16 - 11/16

  • Architect and develop a bespoke Agile project management tool
  • Work with CEO on UI design and feature scope
  • Enable: sketching, sound recording and image capture, ad-hoc team creation and subscription-based revenue model
  • Data hosted in iCloud


Hearst TV 7/11 - 1/15

  • Delivered the flagship app across iPhone, iPad and Android from scratch, in four months with just two additional developers (interviewed and hired during that four-month period).
  • Enabled runtime layout modification via a meta-architecture and S3-hosted JSON-formatted definition file.
  • Independently developed the “Watch” app, including custom movie players and timecode-triggered elements (polls, maps, photo galleries) during both live and time-shifted viewing.
  • Spearhead rewrite of flagship app in Swift


Met Life 2000 - 2001

  • Empowered business units to create and edit their own workflows without IT via a custom definition language and workflow interpreter engine. 


Interworld Technology 1996 - 1999

  • Developed the scripting language for one of the first eCommerce platforms.
  • IPO in 1999.


Office of the Future 1992 - 1995

  • Reduced compile/link time from 18 hours to 2 hrs by switching to a runtime-interpreted, data-driven definition of screens and data mapping 


Windsoft Automation 1990 - 1992

  • Reduced development time and cost by 80% by conceiving and developing a complete rapid application development system for one of the first tablet computers. 


Over 10 years experience designing and delivering long-form curriculum across multiple disciplines, live and online, including for accredited institutions.

My teaching methodology and style is informed by my own (mostly not so great) educational experiences.

Especially when it comes to programming, too much theory turns off most people, and too much of "jump in and hack" leads to bad habits and poor understanding.

I believe that the student must appreciate and relate to the purpose of the content, the delivery has to be engaging and there should be a constant back-and-forth between theory and hands-on work.  

My methodology is socratic and project-based, balancing challenge with reinforcement, and infused with a healthy dose of humor.

Online courses have relied on Kajabi for hosting and conversation thread management, Screenflow for video capture and editing, Keynote for slide creation, Pages for written notes creation, and Zoom for live remote instruction.

Teaching Chronology

Solutions In Swift  2018 - present

Next-Level Swift (coming 9/2019)
iPhone App Academy

  • Create curriculum, record lessons, deliver Q&A via group video chat and message group 
  • Create marketing


Rich Life 2015 - present

Make It Happen!
Sell With Integrity


White Plains Public Library - 2018

iPhone Programming Summer Camp

  • Create curriculum and teach “edu-tainment” class for 8th and 9th-grade students
  • End-of-class surveys indicated that *all* participants felt the class was both fun and worth-while, including the ones who said their parents “made” them come.


New York Code + Design Academy 2016 - 2017

iOS For Teens (10th - 12th grades)
iOS-101 (adult learners, often career-switchers)
iOS for Professional Developers (iOS tech for current programmers; clients included Disney)

  • Maintained a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating from students
  • Taught classes of 8 to 20 students
  • Created project-based curriculums (between 48 and 96 hours), lessons, homework and lab assignments covering topics such as REST-ful Web interface consumption, camera access, anima- tion and geolocation/mapping.


Flatiron School 2016

Programming in iOS

  • Created lessons, homework and lab assignments for chapters on math, logic, switch, and tuples.


New Jersey School of Massage Therapy 2014 - 2017

Shiatsu I & II
Integrated Treatment

  • Created curriculum and delivered live instruction to 5-20 students for semester-long classes.
  • Created and executed student assessments.


25 years experience leading both in-person and remote teams, with training and certification in NLP, Human Needs Psychology, and FEBI.

I believe that process is valuable but relationship trumps all to achieve long-term results, team stability and willingness to work during periods of elevated stress.

My management style leans heavily on Human Needs Psychology to understand what drives and motivates each team member: power, appreciation, stability, novel challenges, growth or contribution.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) training helps me modulate communication, build rapport and help defuse conflict.

I further identify preferred operating patterns using the FEBI model and DISC model, such as jumping right in to a task, visioning, enforcing standards or social cohesion, as well as whether a give team member prefers autonomy or specific direction.  

As an 'I-d' on the DISC I have a natural easy rapport, big ideas and a focus on relationship.

Regarding project management I believe in a flexible rather than dogmatic approach based on Agile principles.

Above all I keep the mood light and free of buzzwords and corporate jargon.

Leadership Chronology

Rich Life  2017 - present

  • Create curriculum, record lessons, deliver live Q&A via group video chat and asynchronous Q&A via message threads. 
  • Find and manage freelancers for creative assets, online ad management, and lead generation.


Hearst TV  2011 - 2015

  • Organized an open house with guest speaker to generate awareness for the team and department within NYC tech community.
  • Attend Meetups to raise awareness and recruit for the team.
  • Managed three developers across US and European timezones.


Met Life 2000 - 2001

  • Help build and manage team of 8 developers, 3 database specialists and five QA technicians. 
  • Reduced annual turnover by over 60%.


Landmark Education  1999 - 2002

  • Manage and motivate 6-8 coaches, and ensure they meet their written goals.
  • Assist coaches with their own clients, especially regarding conflict and communication issues.
  • Manage room dynamics for course leader in the SELP program.


OFI 1992 - 1996

  • Reduced annual turnover from 80% to 20%.
  • Manage and lead team of six developers.


  • NLP Master Practitioner     New York Center for NLP
  • Master Coach     Robbins-Madanes Training
  • Graduate, Leadership Program     Landmark Education 
  • Masters, Computer Science     Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Bachelors, Computer Engineering     Stevens Institute of Technology

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