Four Ways to Fix the App Store

business Aug 20, 2019

The App Store has been truly transformative, and keeps getting better with recent additions like stories, demo videos, and improved discoverability making the experience even better.

However, the App Store is a victim of its own success with a simply overwhelming number of choices in nearly every category.

The simple fact of the matter is that the sheer volume of apps in the store makes it difficult to be found without an extraordinary marketing budget.

Furthermore, because employers want to see that a potential hire can actually code an app, and the only way someone can see and try an app is by downloading it through the App Store, the ranks are filled with projects that exist simply to “show off” skill rather than support an actual business.

While the egalitarian, “everyone is equal” goal of the store is noble and based on meritocracy, it has arguably led to a less equal playing field where it gets harder and harder to be successful without already being at...

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